Coin Acceptor 616
  • Coin Acceptor 616
  • Coin Acceptor 616
  • Coin Acceptor 616
  • Coin Acceptor 616

Coin Acceptor 616

VAT included

Electronic coin selector 616



Identify the true or false coin according to the material, diameter and thickness of the COINS, the accuracy is high.
Accept 6 different kinds of coins at the same time, CPU process control, automatically remembers the set of sample COINS.
Can be applied in game machines, vending machines, coin-operated telephone, coin-operated washing machines, coin-operated toy cars, massage chairs, etc.
Can add the function of cumulative signal output and time control, prohibiting coin acceptor.
Anti-phishing, anti-mixed coin, anti-shock, anti-high frequency, and can connect counter.
Prevent phishing and other means of cheating, cheat alarm.


Material: PC Plastic
Identify Accuracy Rate: 95%
Applying Coins Diameter: 15-32mm/0.59-1.14inch

Applying Coins Thickness: 1.8mm-3.5mm
Atmospheric Pressure: 80Kpa-106Kpa
Operating Voltage: DC12V ± 10%
Working Current: 50mA
Moment Maximum Current: 350mA (less than 0.5S)
Humidity: ≤95%
Storing Temperature: -20℃--+85℃
Operating Temperature: -10℃--+60℃
Recognition Speed: ≤0.6sec

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Product size: 64* 124* 143mm/2.52 * 4.88 * 5.63inch

Screw hole: 5 * 5mm/0.20 * 0.20inch

Hole pitch: 46 * 97mm/1.81* 3.82inch

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