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Dietle VPin Baubericht

Ralf kindly let us link the construction report of his V-Pin here. These instructions are indispensable for everyone who builds a V-Pin. With lots of tips, shopping lists, technical backgrounds and empirical values, this report will help you in every way! Thank you very much for this fantastic documentation!

Pandorabox 4018 in1 WiFi Version

Pandorabox 4018 in 1 with WiFi function. With lighting and color change. Supports WiFi, add your own games and much more .....
There is more information and a video here

We have articles in the arcade, gaming and entertainment sectors. Here you will find only selected quality components for old and current arcade machines, DIY projects, virtual pinball and slot machines.

With components such as the Pinscape Controller Freescale KL25Z, powerboard and mainboard, V-Pin (virtual pinball) projects can be implemented with ease. Of course, other components such as the plunger, buttons or contactors are ready to use.

The range is constantly being expanded and adapted to your wishes.

If you do not find everything you need and are still looking for specific components for your project, or just need help?
Just write us a message and we'll help you!

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