Question: If I want to order from Arcadeclassic and vpinclassic, do I have to order twice?

Answer: No, the shopping cart is shared by both shops. You can start your order in one shop and complete it in the other shop. Of course, this means that the shipping costs are only calculated once.

Question: Where do I go if I have questions?

Answer: You can contact the following email or telephone number:

technischer Support

Technical Support
If you have any questions about products that have been bought from us such as Pinscapes or questions before buying a device whether certain components from us fit.

Shop Support

Shop Support
For questions about the shop such as PayPal, articles or simply suggestions for improvement.


+49 (0)8234 802 1665
You can call us here.


Facebook Profil
Our appearance on Facebook. Here you can see news such as articles available again, new articles and information.