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Multi Games "3016 in 1" board

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Multi Games "3016 in 1" board.



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- Connect protection of the Jamma I / O port before wrong.
- Installed multi-game emulator software.
- Coins can be inserted before the game choice (if coin validator available).
- Coin entry possible at any time (if coin validator available).
- 4 players supported.
- Supports business mode for one game / multiple games.
- Supports 3D games.
- Dual channel stereo audio.
- Games are organized in categories.
- Each game can be individually displayed or hidden.
- Games can be configured.
- Supports coin validator.
- Coin entry and credits can be configured via a DIP switch.

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Multi Games "3016 in 1" board

Multi Games "3016 in 1" board.

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