PIN2DMD Display 128x32 EVO

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Colored LED dot matrix display for installation in many yawning pinball machines.

SD-Card (choose:)
Delivery time: 7 - 9 Working days

Pin2DMD is a colored dot matrix LED display in the size of 132 x 28 for installation in many common pinball machines. No matter whether a "virtual" or "classic" pinball / pinball machine.
This means that a single color display can be replaced with a modern colored display.

Operation is possible both in one color and with the correct file in multiple colors.
It can be operated directly using the buttons on the display (e.g. brightness, which system is used and the desired colors).
The file can be used via an SD card slot on the display, which is easily accessible.

Possible Systems Possible Colors  (monochrome)  
  •    Bally/Williams WPC/95
  •    Data East
  •    Stern
  •    Premier/Gottlieb
  •    Sega
  •    Capcom
  •    Alvin G
  •    Spooky Pinball
  •    Sleic
  •    SPinball / Inder
  •    HomePin
  •    Virtuelle Flipper (VPinmame)
  •    Orange
  •    Red
  •    Yellow
  •    Green
  •    Blue
  •    White
  •    Pink
  •    Turquoise

Supplied with foam display cover.

The display needs activation. Information at:

Additional information:
It is recommended to use an external power supply for the power supply.

You can find the color editor here:

More information can be found here:

The individual files for the various devices and systems can be found at, among others

for virtual pinball machines:

for real pinball machines:

can be downloaded.

Please note installation instruction:

Install instructions Pin2DMD

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PIN2DMD Display 128x32 EVO

Colored LED dot matrix display for installation in many yawning pinball machines.

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