Pinscape R4 Mod complete set

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The modified Pinscape Set is ideal for entry into the world of virtual pinball machines.
(slightly customized AcradeClassic version by MikePinball released on

Delivery time: 7 - 9 Working days

The new Pinscape complete set with screw strips, integrated fuses and interface for a Teensy 3.2. Now even easier and safer!

Do not tinker with crimping or fuses. With this set, the cables can be easily connected. The plugs can be easily removed, the cables connected with a screwdriver and the plugs simply plugged in.

The powerboard has 16 integrated fuses which also ensure safety.

If you want to work with a Teensy: With this set, a connection for a Teensy is already integrated on the mainboard. This enables up to 8 LED stripes (WS8212B) to be controlled. The mainboard can of course also be operated without a Teensy, but can be retrofitted with a Teensy without any problems. This eliminates the need for flasher connections.

Due to the additional components for safety and simplicity when connecting, only 16 instead of 32 outputs are available on the Powerboard, which in most cases is completely sufficient. Due to the high scalability, additional powerboards can be connected with increasing demands and easily expanded with additional outputs.

This set contains:

- Controller Freedom-KL25Z (Pinscape software pre-installed)

- Mainboard R4 Mod

- USB cable (connection to the PC and configuration with the associated configuration software)

- Powerboard R4 Mod

- 10-pin ribbon cable to connect the powerboard to the mainboard

- Y-Cable power supply

Pinscape mainboard specs:

  •     24 button inputs (against logic ground connection)
  •     16 outputs for LED button lighting (set to 20mA)
  •     1 knocker output (protected by hardware timer)
  •     Connections for plunger sensors
  •     3.3 V regulated output for other components
  •     optional: connections for TV relay switches to control larger relays
  •     optional: connection for IR transmitter diode (TV control)
  •     Direct Teensy 3.2 support with 8 outputs for addressable LED strips. (e.g. WS8212B)
  •     makes the Teensy OctoWS8211 adapter board unnecessary.
  •     PWM output (for power boards)
  •     Chime / Digital Output (for chime boards)
  •     Extension port for unused KL25Z GPIO ports (for future extensions, etc.)

Pinscape Powerboard Specs:

  • 16 Hi-Power outputs, each of which can be loaded with up to 5A.
  • Outputs protected with fuses
  • The powerboard is used to expand the mainboard by 16 hi-power outputs

Please note the following note (for safety reasons):

Since we cannot go into all the safety aspects in this description, we strongly recommend that you also observe the safety instructions described in the instructions in order to protect the hardware (e.g. PC or real pinball coils) with fuses, diodes and the chimeboard.

Please also note the information in the description of this modified version!

Descriptions and software:

Further basic information on Pinscape and building a virtual pinball can also be found here:

Of course, we are happy to answer any questions!

The PCB assembly set for attaching the boards:

Teensy 3.2:

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Pinscape R4 Mod complete set

The modified Pinscape Set is ideal for entry into the world of virtual pinball machines.
(slightly customized AcradeClassic version by MikePinball released on

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