Pinscape completeset Freescale / Mainboard / Powerboard

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Delivery time: 7 - 9 Working days

This set is delivered plug and play, which means: The software on the controller (Freedom-KL25Z) is already installed and can be set up easily with the configuration software. All required cables for connecting the boards and power cables (supply lines) are included in this set.

A variety of inputs and outputs are available, e.g. For 24 buttons, 1 plunger (launch), cash register door, LEDs, knocker and an acceleration sensor for realistic shaking (nudging) on ​​the device or the tilt function.

The possibility of expanding this set with additional powerboards and chimeboards gives this system a high degree of scalability.

This set contains:

- controller

- mainboard

- powerboard

- USB cable (connection to the PC and configuration with the associated configuration software)

- 5V power supply line from PC with assembled Molex connector

- Power supply line 5 / 12V from a separate power supply unit with fork shoes

Please note the following note (for safety reasons):

All outputs of the power board are separated by optocouplers, as well as the mid-power outputs, knocker and the strobe output are electrically separated.

In addition to the existing safety aspects, a chimeboard can also be used that offers 5x time-protected outputs and 3 freely configurable time-protected outputs.

Since we cannot go into all the safety aspects in this description, we strongly recommend that you also observe the safety instructions described in the instructions in order to protect the hardware (e.g. PC or real pinball coils) with fuses, diodes and the chimeboard.

Of course, we are happy to answer any questions!
Since the powerboard generates a lot of heat under load, we recommend that you mount boards side by side.

We recommend the PCB assembly set for attaching the boards:


Spacers for installation one above the other:

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Pinscape completeset Freescale / Mainboard / Powerboard

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